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Reviewed in the United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪 on 15 July 2022
Hello anyone who is reading this I got this head thing because the original head strap from oculus was very uncomfortable, when I got the product the back part that stretches back so you can put your headset on and then tighten it was switched with the top part the fix for this is to tighten it all the way and then remove the pads after that you can switch them back into place, after that put the pads back on and your good to go, back to my review the product is very comfortable but the only problem there is is that the part that actually attaches to the headset is not strong enough to be holding on to the headset all the time so sometimes it might get loose on one part and pop out but not to worry the people that made the product added the option to add a strap on top to hold it together.(edited part 10/3/2022 at 6 pm): this product was good for a month and a half after that around 2 weeks ago it broke while i was tightening it on my head i have been trying to fix it but you cant fix it if it broke dont use super glue you might find a better fix, if you want to replace your headstrap get something from kiwi they're headstrap quality are way better.
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