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29 March 2021
I’ve been a PC / PS gamer my life. This series S Xbox was my entry level to the xbox world. Initially I was looking for something I can use to play few of the xbox gamepass games, however little did I know I will fall in love with it.

The xbox controllers are surprisingly comfortable.

The series S is a great start for someone like me, the price was great, the performance is outstanding and I am enjoying good quality gaming.

Its size makes it ideal to carry around for travel and/or between rooms. Straight forward set-up and actually I am enjoying remote playing from my phone device as well. Good heat management and its size makes it easier to place it in a suitable place for its ventilation.

Yet as a fact, my TV is a 2017 4K model, so a series S or X won’t make much of a difference for me at this stage. However if you have a good 4k TV then consider your choices, as quality will be different.

The series X is “the beast” for xbox gaming, and for the long run it will be able to support higher quality gaming. Since the series S does not natively operates on 4k (produces the content in 4k resolution), but instead upscales it some gaming companies might struggle to keep supporting the series S with the highest quality connect as per multiple online articles.

I really hope Microsoft continue to support the series S, as it will be a shame to start seeing games not adding ray-tracing to the series S games. I bought this device as something secondary to my PC, but now I’m loving it and it is my primary gaming consul. Would love to see it well supported.

The cons of series S is the storage. Even though I should be supporting the series S, unfortunately with this issue it is difficult. The series S offers around 360GB of usable storage for games. So a game like Call of Duty Cold War has taken almost all my storage (around 270 GB). Now buying an expandable SSD for xbox (the seagate) is an option buy an expensive one indeed. You would be better of buying the series X (though it as well will only offer around 800GBs) if you want to game multiple new-gen games.

I am using an external HDD (4TB Seagate- available on amazon), and it is doing the trick for me. I am mainly gaming with somewhat older games that may run from external storage. Tbh the speed is good enough that I did not notice much change in performance, which I think is a thumbs up for microsoft and xbox.

My trick is to move heavy games around to external storage when I will not gaming with them, and move the other series X|S optimized games that I want to game to internal storage. It is a bit of a hassle but luckily the xbox is a beast and the process does not take much time.
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