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January 16, 2020
We got this for out 7 year-old daughter, since she wanted an R/C car because her brothers had their own. I've never seen a kid have more fun than she had with this thing on her birthday! We rented a big conference-room at our library for the party, for movies, and for this thing. She was running it all over the place, chasing her friends, running it head-on into the brick walls, and just kept going & going. We thought it had to be a fluke that it ran so long, but so far every time we use it, we get a solid 15-20 minutes or run-time with it. We also take it to our skate park, and the other kids will stop skating and watch her have fun with it. It also runs pretty good on low carpet, but slows down quite a bit on higher carpet. If you watch your kids carefully, this could be a good toy for a bedroom, but you really need more room with this. It's not the type of R/C you can drive and walk along beside it. It's fast, and will be bouncing off walls if you don't keep an eye on the action. It's fast enough to ramp up the walls at the skate park, but I try to catch it before it hits the ground. I don't know if it will handle drops on concrete very well. I also don't want to try it on dirt. We're happy enough on solid surfaces.
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4.2 out of 5
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