AC Cleaning Services - Soft Cleaning for 1 Unit

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included within an AC cleaning service?

  • Removal of sand, dust, dirt & insects
  • Cleaning of filters, grills & AC drain lines flushing
  • Free inspections of the AC unit
  • Wiping work area with spray sanitizer or disinfecting wipes

Why is professional AC cleaning required?

Over time, the internal and external parts of your AC unit start to collect dirt. These contaminants restrict the AC’s capacity to work efficiently. Gradually, the performance starts to decline and the power consumption increases. AC cleaning helps remove accumulated dust and grime, restoring your unit to its ideal working condition.

How often should I book an AC cleaning service?

We recommend that you opt for a thorough AC cleaning every 3 months. AC soft cleaning services will help keep the duct system, motor, coil, and air flow cleaner and in top condition. Please note that AC cleaning is a routine service for maintaining your AC and increasing its lifespan. This service should not be booked to solve any issues or malfunctions that you may already be facing with your appliance.

How do I know the number of AC units if I have a centralized AC?

While booking your AC soft cleaning service, you will need to select the number of AC units in your home. For a central AC, the number of units is equal to the number of controller units/thermostats found in your home. For example, a 1BR apartment will usually have 1 thermostat for adjusting the temperature of the whole apartment. Therefore, this apartment would have only 1 AC unit.

What should I do if I want to increase the scope of my AC cleaning service or add additional spare parts or materials?

If you need to add extra materials or want any additional work done, please discuss the changes and the cost difference with the service provider. You may pay the additional amount in person to the professional after the AC soft cleaning is completed. Note: Our Happiness Guarantee program only applies to AC cleaning services that are booked and paid in full on

Can I trust the cleaners in my home?

Our AC cleaning in Dubai is conducted by professionals who are highly skilled and well trained. That said, it is always advisable to supervise the AC cleaning so that the work is one to your satisfaction and you are sure about the safety of your appliance and other belongings at home.